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25 September 13:30 - 15:30
£20 - £25

Equinoxes happen twice a year and are a time when the Night and Day are equal – a time of balance, but also of preparation. This Autumn Equinox signals to us the approach of the darker mornings and evenings of the oncoming Autumn and Winter.

It’s a perfect time to stop and reflect on the passing of the summer, and prepare to nurture and balance ourselves ready for Autumn and Winter, which can sometimes be challenging seasons to get through.

In this creative and experiential workshop we will explore the themes of transition and how they can sometimes make us feel “stuck” in our lives.

We’ll be working with storytelling and images and exploring guided creative exercises that can begin to offer insight into where we can perhaps start to feel that we can move forwards in our lives.

We’ll explore how following the ancient wheel of the year can offer us comfort and insight in modern times, using easy, practical bodywork movements and the breath to feel grounded, nourished and connected to earth, ourselves and each other.

You’ll have a chance to make something that you can take home with you to use as a powerful reminder of your intentions for the rest of this year and beyond – a drawing, a painting, a clay sculpture, or a mixture of all three!

It’s a chance to slow down, reconnect to nature’s rhythms and reflect on our personal wellbeing. No experience of bodywork, or being creative is needed – this workshop is accessible and enjoyable to anyone. All materials will be provided – just bring yourself!

There is a minimum number of 8 places for this workshop, and a maximum of 20.

Image by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Caroline is a qualified creative psychotherapist, regulated by the HCPC. As the founder of Equinox Psychotherapies, she creates safe and containing spaces where we can be our true selves without fear of judgement, and where we can meet each other with compassion. Just bring yourselves and all other materials will be provided.

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