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We offer private, qualified and ethical therapy to individuals and groups, in Preston city centre and online.

We train professionals and companies on trauma-informed and responsive practice and personal strength through well being.

We work with creative professionals in the performing arts industry to ensure their productions are trauma informed and respect the psychological well being of the cast, creatives and audience. 

Contact us for an informal 20 min chat or browse our pages for more information.

All good therapy starts with a space that feels safe, and a therapeutic relationship with someone you can trust. There are different approaches and modalities - here are some that Equinox specialises in. 

(Please note that I am currently at full capacity for personal therapy services and am operating a waiting list from approx Oct/Nov '23 onwards.)

Psychodynamic Therapy

I offer talking therapy, with a psychodynamic focus – this is the understanding that our actions in the present can be based on unconscious processes, often formed in our early childhood.

As well as talking therapy, if you feel stuck with words, or just tired of talking, we can use more creative methods to gently explore your emotions.

Creative Therapy

Creative psychotherapy means we can work with talking therapy in our sessions and also use art work, play, stories and movement. 


Working creatively can often reach the parts of the brain that talking can’t, allowing for a different type of  opportunity for discovery. It can also be both fun and very therapeutic for both adults and children.


"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." Carl Jung


Dramatherapy is a specialist branch of psychotherapy, which involves the use of working with elements like story, breathwork, movement and metaphor. It is a discipline which is deeply rooted in anthropological, psychological and psychotherapeutic principles and practices.

It's also a title which is regulated by the HCPC, which means that there are several conditions which must be fulfilled before you can call yourself a Dramatherapist - completing two years of personal therapy, a Master's Degree from an approved institution and undergoing a minimum of 100 sessions of clinical placement. 

You don't need to have any prior knowledge of drama, and in fact it's very rare that drama is used in the majority of Dramatherapy sessions! In fact, a lot of Dramatherapists call themselves "Creative Arts Therapists".

I'm Caroline, the founder of Equinox Psychotherapies, which I began in 2014. ​I've been working as a therapist and wellbeing coach for over 10 years, and over that time I've sat with hundreds of people.  ​


I've also been on the other chair many times - I believe that good therapy is a vital part of anyone's toolkit to understanding themselves better.


I know that taking the first step into therapy can be a huge one, and I want to help make it achievable for everyone.  Therapy is one of the best investments you can make for your future wellbeing. I will welcome you into our safe therapy space, with an invitation to sit with me for an hour with no judgement.


​​Contact me for a 20 min chat and we'll take it from there.

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